Trading robot for IQ Option

Today about 95% of all successful market transactions are made by market programs. Taking into account this tendency, IQ Option company worked out a unique service, giving an opportunity to every client to work out his own robot  for Iq option marketing.


How to use IQ option robot

It is not necessary to be a computer expert to make this robot.  All it takes is to have a written algorithm that may be transformed into step-by-step set of rules.  All the technical nuances the broker has taken upon himself.  Moreover, every person may use a free catalog of robots on the website. All you need is to choose more profitable systems from the overall rating, to carry out their test on the historical quotes and bring it into operation.

With the help of handy filters system, a selection of the necessary program takes only a few minutes. Use one of the instruments corresponding to your qualification level to make this kind of robots. When your authorization process is completed, the blackboard is opening. You should make all the operations inside of this space. Just choose an appropriate instrument and follow the given instructions.

The robot made for binary options can participate in tournaments organized by Iq option.


Pros and cons of auto-trading



An opportunity to get a stable profit without additional efforts.

A robot is not able to evaluate a position holistically: taking into account reported news, trend continuance and other factors.

A trader by himself checks out a marketing algorithm and risk management rules,  included in the chosen money making strategy.

The marketing algorithm does not have any  punctual settings that might be able to take into account the peculiarities of the chosen asset flow. So, when rising volatility the robots demonstrate strong collapse.

High yield (up to 90% per a month),because marketing happens in strict conformity with the given rules (psychological pressure is fully excluded).

It is necessary for the trader to filter got transactions in manual mode to enter into qualitative transaction.



Insurance operations before the start of using the robot

When choosing a marketing robot it is necessary to make some insurance operations to decrease a number of negative factors. Every robot is tasted on the demo account. Don’t take the figures indicated in the description seriously. Market is not stable, so yesterday's results may already not work.

  • Study the marketing principle on the basis of which the program opens transaction on purchase or sale. To do that, check out in manual mode the efficiency of this methodology on the quotes' history (accounting period must be not less than 3 months).
  • Monitor Customer feedback. Pay special attention to the moments where the traders had difficulties.



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