IQ Option is a trading system or service that has the highest development rate in the field of binary options. The platform receives this thanks to professional staff and effective analytical programs. The interface is the best, this is the first class combined with the latest innovation achievements, and this allows you to effectively manage the trading platform. This is an advantage that allows you to effectively use the trading system not for the work of beginners and professionals. IQ Option service is intended for all users who want to test themselves in the market of binary options. Operational support in the system uses an exceptional approach to servicing all customers.


IQ Option registration


  1. First you need to go to the official site of this platform. Find the "register" button there.
  2. Enter your details in the fields to fill. This will be your real name and your actual mail.
  3. Your account activation code will be sent to the specified mail. Open this email and click on the link to activate your account.
  4. After activating the account, you go to the trading system's website and click on the link with the information, where you will find out what this platform is and its main features. Then you need to choose the type of your account (real or demo). IQ Option real account registration is your opportunity to start earning after making a deposit. Demo account is valid for 3 hours; it allows you to perform operations to familiarize yourself with the platform for training.
  5. You are logged into your account and see your personal booth, information about tournaments, deposits, questions-answers, training and other necessary functions.
  6. To make any traffic with the trade, you need to replenish the account for $ 10. This is the minimum amount of replenishment.


Now you have an active account and your registration is complete. If you have questions, you can open a video review - it is on the site, to learn more about the principles of this platform. Even a beginner can work here, he will be able to learn the specifics and gain new skills in the trading process. Registration of your personal account is the first step to trading in the options system.

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