IQ Option leverage

IQ Option gives its dealers-in-goods a very wide assortment of profitable assets. Some of these assets may be traded with multiplication. It depends not only on the kind of traded tool, but also on the origin of various participants of the market. Clients from Europe can be of two types: professional and retail dealers-in-goods.

EU and Non-EU countries multiplier



Cryptocurrency is more changeable and liquid than usual currency. So, it isn’t surprising that this company makes some limits on the accessible multiplier on typical CFDs of cryptocurrency (1:1 – no multiplier) for EU retail dealers-in-goods and (1:10) for people having no EU citizenship and for EU professional dealers-in-goods.

Below you can see a few examples of typical cryptocurrency CFDs proposed by the company. You can also mention that they have settings of maximum multiplier:

 *Remember that these settings of multiplier are not changeless.


People know this kind of market for its big amount of marketing and liquidity. This market also has a less level of volatility than cryptocurrency and stock markets have. Agents think that these facts make the market safer for proposing a high multiplier on.  IQ Option provide its clients with around 1:30 multiplier for forex tools. These multipliers are for retail dealers-in-goods, citizens of EU countries. There is also around 1:1000 multipliers. They are for non-residents of EU and professionals.

Not many forex dealers-in-goods started to use this convenient multipliers in their marketing stands. This great instrument gives dealers-in-goods an opportunity to employ various multiplier settings to various trades in one marketing profile.


Exchange good CFDs

The company provides its dealers-in-goods with a couple of exchange goods for marketing including platinum, crude oil, silver, gold, corn etc. Retail EU dealers-in-goods have an opportunity to market them with multiplier of around 1:20. At the same time, non-EU dealers-in-goods and professionals have more opportunities – a multiplier of around 1:150.



Our world stock markets propose very good opportunities for investment and marketing. The company differs from other companies by its multiplicity of money asset types and tools which can take part in marketing within one stand. It is true that on one stand the company's dealers-in-goods liking stock CFDs marketing have an opportunity to simply open a high-low chart in the same stand and do marketing using multiplier of around 1:20!

*For retail having European citizenship dealers-in-goods the highest multiplier on personal stocks equal 1:5.

Retail dealers-in-goods living inside of European Union now are not able to market personal stocks having the same highest multiplier - 1:10. It is the multiplier non-EU residents had before. However, professional EU dealers-in-goods and non-EU dealers-in-goods may make use of 1:20 multiplier.


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