IQ Option desktop app

Our brand new world having its modern, continuously evolving and changing technologies cannot exist without various devices assisting both in day-to-day life and in financial marketing. A great number of dealers-in-goods do their work with the help of all computer devices types such as mobile stands which function with the help of Android or IOS operational systems.

Mobile marketing popularity

A great deal of dealers-in-goods likes to do marketing using mobile apps.  These apps have a lot of functions including conclusion of contracts with CFD, monitoring of price quotes, and other functions.They literally can do marketing any moment and practically in any place having Internet access. So, in the evening you have not to hurry come back home to use your computer for making a successful transaction. You can do it using mobile apps during holidays and even in business travel. Having this in mind, a lot of agents spare no expense to install  the app into their marketing stands to attract new clients.



IQ Option is the most advanced software for marketing. In marketing reaction speed on events is very important, so we worked out apps for all popular operational systems — Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. We recommend all dealers-in-goods to download the app  to get maximum pleasure from marketing.


Computer app

You can download this app for computers based on Windows, macOS and Linux.

For familiarization with this standstart marketing with trial account. It will be available for you after making a deposit. Any moment you will be able to switch between trial and real account.

The highest level of the app was repeatedly mentioned during international forums where the stand has already won 11 prizes. You can download the computer app in an official website.


iPhone, iPad and Android app

Mobile app based on iOS and Android operational systems is made for the people able to catch a moment and want to get unforgettable emotions always and everywhere. Conclude transactions in any comfortable place, get notifications about made operations and about most interesting financial events.

You can download the app into PC or mobile phone in AppStoreand Google Play.



IQ Option changes the industry

  • the highest guaranteed profit  - up to 92%;
  • marketing 24/7;
  • 16 instruments of technical analysis: trend lines, indicators MACD, MA, Parabolic Sarandother;
  • up to 9 graphs simultaneously in one screen;
  • momentary withdrawal into plastic card within the limits of deposit sum;
  • a lot of  indicators tutorials;
  • money of clients are physically separated from money of the agent;
  • annualKPMG audit;
  • every transaction reports;
  • personal VIP-manager speaking the same with your language.
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