IQ Option: why is my account blocked?

The number of people, who trade binaries is constantly increasing. It happens literally every day.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there may be a variety of problems, issues directly related to the activity. Sometimes it even comes to the fact that the intermediary blocks the user account, and it is not clear for what cause. This, of course, worries the user, he\she wants to understand the foundation. 

Periodically, something similar happens on the platform of IQ Option. Currently, this intermediary can be named one of the most promoted and popular. At the moment, the company's services are used in many states. The number of users has already exceeded ten million. This fact indicates a very serious scale.

Reasons and corresponding actions

Well, sometimes traders` accounts are blocked. There is always a legitimate reason for that. It may happen in one of the following cases.



  • A trading agent uses someone else`s payment requisites for input or withdraw from the platform. Please note, the clients are requested to use solely their own cards or e-wallets.

  • Suspicious transactions take or took place. They have been noticed on the account. In this case the intermediary will ask the bidding agent to confirm operations. 

  • A bidding agent has multiple accounts. Nota bene! Only one real account is permissible.

  • A trading agent has deliberately provided false personal information. To bid on the IQ platform, the clients should prove only true personal data.

  • A bidding agent has refused to provide official papers: a photo of ID and a credit card,- to check the account and confirm the identity. 

  • The user is a citizen or a resident of one of some countries, like Sudan, Syria, Russian Federation and countries of the EU.

To unblock your account, check if you enter the correct login and the password details.

Check the inbox emails and spam box to check if there are e-mails there. If you find no e-mails from the IQ intermediary, it is recommended to contact it by the e-mail It is the 24\7 help desk. Thus, you will get quick and high-qualified assistance from the expert team.

Have a perfect bidding experience with IQ intermediary!

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