Meaning and use of alerts

Reputable providers are seeking for any opportunities in order to make work of its followers easier and convenient. As examples of such developments can be taken providing tutorial videos, offering a demo-version of an account for practice, special consultancy and personal support and so on. One of them is Alert. Alert is a tool on the exchange that warns about selected event for a particular asset. This tool presents on most of the trading places and services and can be used as from the PC, as from smartphone or tab. It is very convenient for users, who prefer to spend time effectively, but not sitting in front of computer and wait for hours. Alert set for a currency pair notifies trader by message about achieving of desirable level of price/profit or even undesirable loss.

Purpose and ways of use

For traders who deal with digital, binary, forex or any other options related to different assets it is an irreplaceable tool not only for monitoring and saving time, but for securing from risk of missing important trading point. And as it is known, the right moment and professional sense in combination with professional judgement define results.

Tool is represented in three types with the same aim: considering pricing, percentage and operation type (purchase or sale).

Alert for prices. As an assets cost is a key for getting a spread and respective gain, there is an opportunity to set alert for the certain value of an asset. In case price have fallen, there time for buying came and vice versa. The best moment for the action are communicated via Alert-button.


Alert for percentage. In case trader starts with insignificant amounts of deals and have moderate starting capital for results and statistics it is convenient to set alert for percentage, that trigger notification in case of increase/decrease of amount by specified share. For example, asset growth by 4%.

Alert for operations. The way to monitor the amount of proposals (sellers) and demanders (buyers) is to set purchase or sell alert. As it is known, that demand is stimulated by price decrease and vice versa respective conclusions should be made and the best moment for deal/market penetration can be caught.

Guideline for setting

There is no need in additional training or tutorial video for alert setting. First of all, trader should participate in any deal. Second of all, the specific button that usually associates with notifications, for example bell, should be found and pushed. The pop-up or separate window will appear to set parameters for the notification: type and values.

For users, who trades for hobby or have it as an additional source of earning, there is a highly important requirement of time efficiency and time management, because there is no opportunity to spend all free (and busy) time for market observation. As IQ Option realizes users and wills to satisfy their needs, additional option “Alert” was developed and proposed to traders.

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