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Forex trader online

Forex trading platform is an online currency market in which dealers-in-goods can come into. It is a part of world financial system. Here money marketing happens – exchange of one currency to another. The goal is to make money on the difference between rates and get profit on price hike or reduction of quotes of world and digital currencies. The stand has its own law and rules, according to which both new-comers and professionals make money.

The main participants of forex trading system are dealers-in-goods. They are the people who make speculative operations and profit on the rates' difference. Intermediary (agent) makes marketing processes between money market and dealer-in-goods.

To make transactions you will need a special program – terminal. It is a soft which is installed into PC of a user, thanks to which you will examine graphs, analyze information and close transactions. To start marketing you will need to learn such terms as timeframe, leverage level, order, round lot, indicators, and candles.



Quotes(currency pairs)

It is a proportion of two currencies' prices.  They indicate proportion of one currency price to another. The first in pair is the main. Its value is always equal one. USD is considered the main currency. The most widespread and important pairs are USD/EUR, USD/GBP, USD/CHF,USD/JPY. 



It is necessary to be well prepared, to choose strategy, find appropriate intermediary (agent) and learn some nuances of marketing for profitable marketing. A great number of newcomers make operations without any preparation at all, and it is their main mistake. Nonetheless, the getting of stable profit is reality, the key idea – not to be lazy and spend time on education.


Settings selection

During the process of registration you will adjust your marketing account: leverage level, kind, swaps – a whole rate of return will depend on your choice.  Thoroughly study all settings for exact and effective adjustment.


Trade start step-by-step guide

  • thoroughly study the main information relating to the category “for dummies”;
  • learn the rules of chosen marketing strategy very well because it is your future profit, the amount of your future money will depend on it;
  • learn main terms;
  • choose qualitative and reliable intermediary. Safety of deposits and rapid earned money withdrawal depend on agent's choice.


Quote to choose

Most newcomers ask what currency pair to choose. Begin with standard, but after awhile study peculiarities of four-five currency pairs to have an opportunity to open most profitable and appropriate for your transactions and to increase your profits.


Money to deposit

Generally speaking, you can start marketing even if you have only one dollar to deposit. However, it is in theory. Remember that small deposit will bring small profit. To earn money with stability, you need to have deposit from 250 dollars, if you plan to become a professional in future. It is not a very big sum of money and any citizen can afford it.



 Best time of marketing

A big mistake of newcomers is a work during inappropriate time. There is the time of day when a graph is simple to predict. There is its own time of day for every pair. If to market only during this time of day, it is possible to minimize risks and increase rate of return. 

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose