IQ Option South Africa is a modern platform which provides various types of profits via Internet to its users with different levels of knowledge about the currency market. The broker, which operates worldwide on a fully legal basis, has become popular throughout the world thanks to its user-oriented interface, regular updating and transparency in use. Each aspect of a financial operation can be customized to suit the needs of every trader: duration of a bet, type of asset and currency which will be used. In addition, each user can activate charts with statistical and analytical data which can be really useful in the trading process.



IQ Option online broker offers a large variety of assets and financial instruments to invest and boost profit including forex, crypto CFDs trading, cryptocurrencies, options. Each user can opt for their most efficient way of trading.

All operations in the system become accessible after a short registration period, during which each new user must fill in the form with their name and surname and specify their e-mail. Please note that the indicated data must be real to make the withdrawals without problems and delays.

To make your first bet invest at least $ 10 – it is the minimum amount of deposit. To implement withdrawals choose the correct amount of money (you should have at least $ 1 left on your personal account) and opt for the most convenient way to receive your earnings: via bank transfers or using E-currency services. Deposits as well as withdrawals can be made in your local currencies.

The learning process won’t take too long. Even if you are new to the currency market, the IQ Option platform will provide you with all the necessary data and tools to make your familiarization as fast and efficient as possible. A vast publicly available library with tons of tutorials, articles, videos, graphics and other educational materials will be at your service free of charge. Moreover, each user before making their first real investment can test the platform for free by using the Trial Account, which helps gain practical trading skills without risks and pressure of losing money. If you face any problems during the use of IQ Option South Africa, do not hesitate to contact our technical service or exchange experiences with the other traders in a specially created worldwide community – a chat and a forum are activated for the registered users.

For the convenience of the users entering is possible in a traditional way, via the IQ Option website. At the same time our programmers made it possible to enter the platform by downloading an official IQ Option application. Please be aware that for security reasons investments and withdrawals can only be made through the official website of the platform.


IQ Option App installation for PC

It is possible to access IQ Option from your personal computer connected to the Internet on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac.

You can download the IQ Option App for free by entering our website and opting for the entry via the app. To confirm the correct work of the program on your device, especially in case of using laptops, it is necessary not only to verify the compatibility of the App with the device you are using, but also you have to make sure that the file of the App and the archive program that will be used match. In case the type of necessary software is not supported, you will have to update your version or opt for a more modern program.


To install the desktop version please follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Open the homepage of IQ Option and opt for the entry via the App by clicking on the type of the device you are currently using. You will see a list of the technical requirements for proper functioning of the application. If your system meets the indicated requirements you can start without a further delay.

2. Click the "Download" button to run the process. IQ Option is a lightweight application, so the procedure will be completed very fast.

3. After downloading the file you have to install the application:

  • open the new file, click "Install" after choosing the folder where the App will be saved;
  • choose "Yes" to install the application as an administrator;
  • press the "Finish" button to complete the installation. Before clicking you can choose an option of creating a desktop icon of IQ Option App for a faster access.

Now you can run the program. Log in, and if you do not have an account you can go through a quick registration process or use your social networks credentials.


IQ Option App installation for Android and iOS

You can log in via mobile devices: smartphones or tablets on iOS (including iPod touch) or Android. After opening the homepage of IQ Option and choosing to access the service via the App, choose the type of your device and download the relevant setup file (.apk for Android) directly from our website or get IQ Option application from App Store or Google Play. Do not forget to check the list of technical requirements, necessary to guarantee a proper functioning of the application.

After reaching a certain level of trading experience your constant presence during transactions will become less necessary. By installing IQ Option you will be able to keep track of all your active operations regardless of your current location. Our mobile App is optimized to ensure fast access to the complete set of tools for easy and productive work on the platform.

Our developers are constantly working on improvement of the IQ Option App to guarantee the most pleasant end efficient user experience. To make sure you have the latest version of the App check for the updates on our website or use the automatic update option. Combine the use of the application with the access via our website to make the most of the platform and stay up to date with your personal account and the actual trading market.



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