IQ Option offers a good job in this area - there are some currency pairs that a trading person chooses more often. Here you can use trading methods or use market opportunities. Each pair can be opened on the one screen and work with their indicators. Many experienced and new traders use currency pairs for the working with asset. Such assets and work with them are easier than trading on the Forex.


There are four main advantages of choosing currency pairs:

  • Access to the world financial market;
  • Liquidity;
  • Management of risks;
  • The ability to trade in different currencies around the clock.


The currency pair is your personal choice, which should be based not only on some advantages. Also, it depends on what time the trader will trade. For each IQ Options best currency pair to trade, there are several useful tips:


  • GRP / JPY

This currency pair is very volatile, so only experienced traders prefer to choose it. Currency values here often change, especially when Japan declares its new economic situation.


  • USD / JPY and USD / CHF

This pair also has an advantage, because it has a strong stream of orders. But many traders do not use this pair, because the pair sometimes has only some actions.


  • EUR / USD

It is best pair to trade IQ Options so it could be an excellent choice for beginners. This pair has the best liquidity and also the highest flow.


  • AUD / USD and USD / CAD

Here, liquidity is less and there can be unexpected turns. These currency pairs depend on the prices of oil and gold, so it should be taken into account.


  • GBP / USD

It is another good currency pair that can be a good choice for beginning traders. The trading system offers looking at the very good liquidity of this pair, which is not so volatile.


Pairs EUR / USD and the GBP / USD are the most popular among beginners, so first you need to focus your attention on this. A little later you can take another currency pair to try each of them and choose something suitable for your. Many experienced traders advise to invest a small amount of money in such transactions. If your strategy will work with one pair, then you will try it with the other one.

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