Account verification

To fully verify one`s register entry data, one should go through the steps below.

  1. Verify one`s identity.
  2. Check one`s residential address.
  3. Check that one is the owner of the credit card that one applies for deals in IQ. ​  



Checking of one`s identity

To check one`s identity, one should provide a scan or a photo of one of the standard papers: passport (just the page with a photo),ID card (2 sides),driver`s license (2 sides).
There are the following requirements for checking one`s identity:

  • The paper must show a photograph and the name and family name;

  • The document must be actual, not expired.


Checking of one`s residential address

The picture of one of the documents below issued in one`s name is needed for the address checking:

  • Statement for a bank account or a credit card account;

  • Bill for utility services (electricity, water and other);

  • Document from municipality confirming one`s address (with an official stamp);

  • Filled tax form.

There are requirements to the papers above:

  • They should include one`s name and address;

  • They must not be older than 6 months;

  • They must display the logo of the bank or the firm or the government seal;

  • The entire paper or half of it;

  • The picture must show.


Bank card checking

To prove the ownership of the credit card, you should deliver the image of one`s bank card from both sides.
The following requirements to this picture are advised:

  • The card must contain one`s name;

  • On the front and back sides of the card, part of the number should be obscured (exactly 6 digits);

  • On the back side, the CVV code should be obscured.

Nota bene! To make the digit obscure, you can use physical method (hiding figures with a sheet of paper) or digital method (hiding figures with a drawn black strap).
General requirements for all uploaded files:

  • The paper on the photo must be placed frontally;

  • It must not be cut short;

  • All angles of the document must be seen on the screen;

  • The picture should not be blurred;

  • The information must be clear and readable;

  • The paper should not be obscured by any objects or catchlights, hot spots;

  • The size of the uploaded document should not exceed 8 MB;

  • Just 2 formats are allowed: JPG and PNG.

It is possible to check verification status in the account any time one wants!

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